Service Vouchers

Our sister company, GESTANET T-S, provides you with a domestic cleaning service in order to assist you with the duties listed below, performed as part of the legal and particularly cost-efficient system of Service Vouchers. This activity is only available to private individuals.

Domestic Cleaning - Laundry - Ironing
Small sewing work - Cooking – Household shopping

This service is provided legally and safely at a particularly attractive rate of EUR 5.25/hour after tax.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Service Voucher manager, who can help you to register as a service user and obtain your Service Vouchers in digital format (management facility) or as a hard copy.

You can call our Service Voucher manager on the central number +32 (0)4 256 50 70 or on mobile no.+32 (0)496 120 520.

National Department of Employment registration no. 03021.

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