Office Cleaning

We have been in the cleaning business for more than 30 years. Every member of our staff works to fulfil our mission:

To protect and improve the environment to ensure a better quality of life in the workplace.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, all of our staff perform their duties in accordance with the 7 values listed below.

Skill – Quality – Health & Safety - Team Work - Training - Meticulousness – Spirit of Service

As a company we operate a light, simple but flexible structure. Our aim is to keep the qualities of the current structure intact so as not to complicate our internal and external communication, and we are of the firm opinion that this is the best way to meet our clients’ requirements.

It is also a concrete way of distinguishing us from other cleaning companies and to offer our clients a real local service based upon a direct and open dialogue in order to deliver a top quality service each and every day.

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