Facilities Management Services

We can also offer our clients a variety of facilities management services, such as the non-exhaustive list of skills below.

Painting & Decorating – Landscaping & Gardening - Electricity- Plumbing - Carpentry - Bricklaying

For this purpose, we call upon sub-contractors, with whom we have worked for many years and who have always provided us and our clients with a highly satisfactory service.

The advantage for the client is to have just one single point of contact already present within the company, whose work as a reliable partner has been proven. In this way, GESTANET manages these additional services and frees the client from this burden and any associated risks.

As part of our ISO 9001 procedures, we perform an annual assessment of our sub-contractors.

The methodology that we have put in place is to monitor the works in progress, and in addition, to perform quality checks upon completion of the works with our sub-contractors and the client.

At the end of every year, the assessments are consolidated in order to complete the annual assessment of each sub-contractor in an objective manner and to suggest ways of improvement and corrective action, if necessary. This provides continuity and greater transparency to further enhance the efficiency of our services.

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