The "Union Générale Belge du Nettoyage" brings together all professional companies in the sector of cleaning and disinfection, industrial cleaning, waste removal and chimney sweeping.

This federation is representative with regard to the authorities, the unions and the F"édération Européenne du Nettoyage Industriel" (FENI).

The UGBN not only oversees the professional interests of its members, but it also works actively to improve the image of the cleaning sector.

Every year the UGBN invests considerable sums in training and supervision of labourers, employees and management staff working in the sector.

As member of the UGBN, Gestanet is committed to a professional approach recognised on a qualitative and an ethical level with regard to its staff and its clients.

This gives our clientele additional assurance of our in-house procedures and quality and safety certifications, as well as our environmental charter.

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